followup on "Cadillac One"

No ordinary armored car. And by the way, look at the Queen's equivalent. Where's the hero in this story? He's certainly not in a flight suit.

Still trying to make my point, still asking the questions.

Ms. Bush today leaving the American armored personnel carrier, the protection of which incidently puts to shame even the best of those assigned to our men and women in Iraq.

Ms. Windsor last year entering the British unarmored state vehicle, designed for maximum human visibility - good sightlines for both the occupants and the public.

Point of information: When Vladimir Putin made his own state visit to Britain this June the two heads of state rode through London in the traditional horse-drawn landau. Not all who watched supported their presence, but it was all in a day's work for the occupants of the open carriage passing among a free people.

NOTE: In a move which significantly distinguishes their efforts from the contemporary American solution, the manufacturers of the Bentley designed it to run on LPG, or liquid petroleum gas, allowing for an increased range while reducing polluting emissions. Also, no white-wall tyres. Don't those Yanks know there's a war on?

[image of the Cadillac from Reuters/Jason Reed on Yahoo News, that of the Bentley from]

Obviously i like the idea that my Queen would sacifice her safety for public visibility, it seems quite defiant and brave. However it is wrong, that car is bullet proof and bomb proof and sealed against gas attack. It was well documented in the British Press. However your comments about open carriages are right, she does often travel in this fashion at major events. However when this occurs you may also observe the Police Sniper Teams in the windows and on the roofs of the surrounding buildings

Yes, the Queens Bentley took two years to build and is rumoured to have cost £5 million ($10 million) because of the security.