Lindis Percy's state visit

Lindis Percy, doing her good thing yesterday

Don't underestimate the Brits, or the seniors. Reuters supplied the picture and the following caption:

Lindis Percy, an anti-war protestor, stands on top of the gates of Buckingham Palace with an upside-down U.S. flag with the inscription 'Elizabeth Windsor and Co we don't want him here,' November 17, 2003 as a British police officer stands below. The woman, wearing a fluorescent waistcoat, dodged tight security to scale the six-meter high wrought iron gates on the eve of U.S. President's George W. Bush's state visit to Britain.
The BBC reports, "Mrs Percy, of Hull, who was arrested and later bailed, said she was 'amazed' she had been able to unfurl a banner declaring Mr Bush was not welcome in the UK."Lindis Percy is a creative and limber 61-year-old grandmother of four. She is a career health worker and a respected activist with an impressive history.

I suspect there is one thing Lindis Percy is not, in spite of the family name. Judging from the text of her excellent sign, she may not be a monarchist, unlike so many of her countrymen, but also unlike so many of the submissive subjects of Britain's current unwelcome guest.

Incidently, Bushie didn't use the gates. He landed on the palace grounds in a helicopter, to save the emperor the embarassment of being confronted on the roads by thousands of outraged "allies".

[image from REUTERS/David Bebber]

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