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Two nights ago Bloggy seemed to be suggesting that "a certain Icelandic singer" would show up at the Jack the Pelican Presents opening tonight, and sure enough, the fans were not disappointed. A certain perhaps-the-most-famous-American-artist-in-the-world, her very biggest fan, was also there, by many reliable accounts, but unfortunately we never saw him.

The gallery installation was the North American debut of the three women of The Icelandic Love Corporation collaborative. Oh yes, Hrafnhildur Arnardottir was there as well. Is there anyone left in Iceland who isn't an artist?

Judging from our modest experience, Björk regularly shows up looking like a fairy princess on a visit from another galaxy, but she doesn't just breeze in with courtiers and disappear into protected space or speed back out the door. Like the last time we saw her at a gallery opening, she was comfortable in the midst of the crowd and, although she was already there when we arrived, she showed no interest in leaving even by the time our own group had tired of the festivities.

The crowd was gentle with celebrity. Hey, it's not only New York, it's Williamsburg. We're all famous.

are the're any visuals of the show caputred? how fun that björk showed up. shes the coolest.

I have no images of the artists' work other than what is available on the gallery site I link to.

Hey, call me or send me an e-mail for the next Bjork apparition in Williamsburg or anywhere in New York... Why cannot we find some kind of really great artist in Bordeaux??...
To make myself clear, for exemple, on december 2003 when I was at the Big Theatre in Bordeaux to see the Carolyn Carlson company, it was an intersting show, but for "this show" she wasn't there...
How unlucky we are sometimes...

Nicolas is referring to the Paris Dance Company, Compagnie Choregraphique de Carolyn Carlson/Atelier de Paris []

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Published on March 27, 2004 12:50 AM.

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