"never forget"


Only moments before I snapped this picture we had left a restaurant downtown, for a dinner totally unrelated to the third anniversary of September 11. The image is a view from Broadway and Fulton Street of Creative Time's "Tribute in Light," recreated on the edge of the site of the World Trade Center once again yesterday. (note: the partially-completed building to the right is the new 7 World Trade Center, rising on the site where I had worked up to the year before the original was destroyed - fortunately with no loss of life)

The first reminder of the day's significance however was this amazing sandwich board we passed seconds before.


God Bless America
never forget
Kitchen Open
$6 Beer Pitchers All Day
I'm now wondering which image I'm going to remember best.

[apologies for the poor quality of the pictures, but it was very dark, very late and the wine was fine; and no, we never figured out what made the small flecks in the light beams, here seen as wavy lines, although they really made the towers dance last night]

UPDATE: The mystery of the flecks which are visible in the beams of light has apparently been solved. and it's not a feelgood answer. Tom Moody posts an account via Alex (scroll down) that the wavy lines in my photo apparently represent "behaviorally trapped" migratory birds who had become confused by night become day. This was probably not a good thing at all, and it makes me very sad.

Well, I believe the flecks go too high to be moths...NYC airbound particulates (dirt)? Gosh, I hope there's not still asbestos blowin around down there at Bway & Fulton...
Love the board!!!

Hmm, well when I walked by the site that night and took this pic (funny we made such similar posts) it looked like they were much smaller than birds, more like insects or some sort of dust. That's interesting about the birds though!

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Published on September 12, 2004 12:48 PM.

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