Lutz Bacher and Jesper Just

Two shows, both already gone, both video installations, but I'm not making anything of whatever other similarities they may have.

They are very different artists, doing very different work. Okay, there is singing in each of the pieces, but combining them in one post started out only as a device to make a decent-sized package for the few words I expected to be able to come up with separately for these two artists' very moving shows. Now I'm thinking that it kind of works.

Lutz Bacher Crimson & Clover (Over & Over) 2003 30:00 min video still

Lutz Bacher's "Crimson & Clover (Over & Over)," shown at Participant Inc. on Rivington Street on the Lower East Side, documents one of the performances within a memorial concert for the beloved art dealer Colin de Land at CBGB some time last year. Of course the video itself also played over and over, but it was continuously mesmerizing and the combination of its abstract and romantic beauty transcended the identities of the performers (Angelblood and others) and even the extraordinarily moving occasion.

The gallery had installed the work on its upper level and the screen occupied every inch of the far wall, top to bottom, from one side to the other. The otherwise empty room became a long, flickeringly-lit box frame for an extraordinary kaleidoscope of sound and light.

Jesper Just Bliss and Heaven 2004 6:30 min video still

Over in Chelsea Perry Rubinstein had installed three videos by the young Danish artist Jesper Just. The work got a lot of attention from critics and for good reason. I was pretty much taken with each of them, perhaps even shamelesssly, but maybe I'm just very vulnerable to this sort of genuine sentiment when it is mixed so brilliantly with the wacky context established by the artist here.

And great production values, too.

For more on Just, see this discussion and this awesome five-minute video opera.

[second image from Galleri Christina Wilson]

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Published on December 27, 2004 8:07 PM.

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