my world isn't mourning this pope

Just call me anti-pope, but the incredible AP story headline looks to me like someone's fantasy: "Americans Mourning the Death of Pope." And not to be outdone, their competition, Reuters, has a story with a banner even more over-the-top, "Pope John Paul Dies, World Mourns."

Now our media will be telling us repeatedly that we're all waiting around for the appearance of his reincarnation, when his reactionary staff chooses his reactionary doppelganger. With a Dalai Lama at least, the world has an even chance each time he dies off.

I'm just sorry they didn't plug him in, as I said two days ago.

For a brief starter course on papal malevolence and malefactory, see

You're right. He should have been kept on "life" support for 15 years. I see no mention in the current press of the "Pope Drop" -- when Cypress and Felicity Bundtcake dropped a giant banner from Saks Fifth Avenue on JP2's arrival at St. Patrick's. The banner read "Condoms Save Lives." Talk about a "life" issue.