Chris Martin and compeers at Feature

Chris Martin Staring Into the Sun 2002-2003 oil paint on canvas 143" x 118" [installation view]

Chris Martin is represented by two large works in the current group show, "Meditative," at Feature Inc., where they occupy the southwest gallery space by themselves. No, they don't occupy but rather explode from that space, they are so spectacular. I can't meditate, and I'm not a "believer" in anything - except art - but his time I'm pretty sure I can detect something besides paint in Martin's work.

Maybe I'm a bit in tune because of my own connection to India: Painted on the bottom of this piece is an inscription which begins with the title and then continues, ". . . February Sunrise Asi Ghat Varanasi - Homage Paul Feeley (2 + 2 + 3 = 7, 3 + 4 = 7)"

I really liked the anonymous minimalist tantric paintings from that subcontinent which both conceptually and physically introduce the show, Tom Friedman's delicate white paper folds, and, while apparently not by design part of "Meditation," the very sympathetic and remarkable sculpture, "Quietly Oscillating," by David Moreno installed above the stairs from the primary gallery.

The other artists in the main exhibition are Alex Grey, Jeri Felix, Mette Madsen and Josh Podoll.

All of the art will be on vacation for two weeks after this coming Friday, but the show can be seen for two more weeks after Labor Day.

Chris Martin rocks!!!! Got any more photos? Thanks James!!!!!

Ditto on the rocks... I went nuts about the last post James made on Martin. It was my introduction. I googled his name with art and found terrible paintings of a rock star... I also found that he does great writings for The Brooklyn Rail.

This link has bits about buddism and relates to the show at Feature. His interviews are also particularly great.

PS. Sorry for the style. I know not of HTML.