"Sport" in Socrates Sculpture Park

Derick and Barry stopping to [examine the scrawny Queen Anne's Lace] in the park

Much too long ago, while it was actually still calendar summer, I wrote that I was going to put up some images from the show, "Sport", still installed at the time in Socrates Sculpture Park. Today on the 5th of October these sculptures are long gone, but the weather which inspired them lingers on. They looked good in the sun two months ago and they still look good on a screen on this balmy October afternoon.

Anne Thulin [sport] 3a: to deviate from type b: as bud variation 2005 vinyl, fabric, glue and sand (3) 72” diameter [detail of installation]

Collier Schorr Reaching (H.T.) 2002-2005 ink jet on seamless vinyl 10’ x 28’ [large detail of installation]

Alix Lambert WildCard 2005 cement, cast bronze and pipe 16’ x 15’ x 5’ [detail of installation]

Peter Simensky Eyes On The Prize 2005 mixed media 10’ x 15’ x 30’ [installation view, including sports Barry and Derick]

Type A Prize (folly) 2005 aluminum and auto body paint 72” x 60” x 20” [cup] overall dimensions variable [installation view]

Tim Laun HangTime 2005 sod, spray paint, Jugs Football Machine and Wilson official NFL footballs, dimensions variable [detail of installation at rest]