Tara Donovan at Pace Wildenstein 22nd Street

Tara Donovan Untitled (Plastic Cups) 2006 plastic cups, installation dimensions variable, approximately 5' x 50' x 60' [large detail of installation]

Pace Wildenstein is showing Tara Donovan's remarkable 'landscape' installation of stacked plastic cups in the space on 22nd Street once identified as an annex to the DIA Foundation.

Plastic cups. You have to be there.



One of my colleagues asked the Pace front desk person a highly pertinent question about Donovan's 'atmospheric' work: are the cups made of PVC plastic (highly toxic to produce) and what happens to the 3 million pieces after the installation. The gallery rep said, "uh, oh, I dunno. Disposed of, I guess." Atmosheric art, indeed.

This is incorrect information. When the work comes down, it will either be reinstalled using the same cups, or recylcled. I am a friend of Tara's and happen to know that the person you spoke with at the front desk was brand new to the company and just being trained. Perhaps the more pertinent question for you to ask would be...is it toxic for the poor person you are mocking to breath the off gas? Perhaps this is of little concern to you.

The cups in the installation are actually Polystyrene (PS) and not technically PVC.