Chinese contemporary photography at Max Protetch


Liu Wei It Looks Like a Landscape 2004 digital B/W photography 60" x 24.5" [installation view]

Max Protetch
has mounted an extraordinary show of recent Chinese photography. It will be up for another week, but China will be here forever. Don't miss out on seeing the work now. Otherwise it will be that much harder to catch up next time. These artists aren't going to wait for us to decide they're there.

I was astonished when I saw Liu Wei's picture, but the version I saw was one whole picture instead of divided in five panels,(can I be mistaken) and I think the version I saw was more poetic, at first I thought it was a picture of a landscape of rock formations or mountains, but when I looked at it closely I realized it was a composition of bodies. I loved, I would like to send my admiration to Liu Wei for his creativity, original idea in obtaining such a beautiful composition.