Patrick Grenier at Silo


Patrick Grenier Entering Art Exit 2004 paper, flourescent light fixtures, metal channel and vellum 120" x 120" x 12" [installation view]

Patrick Grenier Atmosphere of Influence 2006 enamel, FomeCor, plastic, vinyl and wood with single channel DVD 96" x 120" x 96" [detail of installation]

Patrick Grenier I'd Eat Heart Worm 2005 neon with transformer 24" x 32" [installation view]

Patrick Grenier, and certainly everyone else who makes it to Freeman Alley this month, is enjoying his second solo show at Silo. Grenier remains concerned with the (corrupting) relationship between the artist and the public venue of the art, with a particular interest in architecture.

The exhibition is definitely not the dry exercise the premise might suggest. The second image above is of an installation which includes a videotaped documentation of a "showdown between replicas of newly-canonized structures, such as the Walker Art Center addition in Minneapolis by the Herzog & de Meuron and Gehry's Guggenheim Bilbao."