money for art at Schroeder Romero


Ken Solomon Steakhouse Waiters - Made With Tip Money 2006 cut paper 15" x 20" [installation view]

Ray Beldner 36 Squares of Cash (after Carl Andre's 36 Pieces of Zinc, 1967) 2002 sewn U.S. currency, cork and wood squares 72" x 72" [large detail of installation]

Schroeder Romero just struck their very cool and very green summer show, "Money Changes Everything", featuring works on and of paper - of [mostly U.S.] legal tender - by Michael Asente, Ray Beldner, Barton Lidice Benes, Robin Clark, Peggy Diggs, Jed Ela, Stuart Elster, Kim MacConnel, Elizabeth Sisco, David Avalos and Louis Hock, Ken Solomon, Oriane Stender, Mark Wagner and C.K. Wilde.