another view of summer at Feigen

Dennis Kardon Nature Boy 1999 oil on canvas 57" x 48" [installation view]

Yes, it's another summer show, but "Summer View" at Feigen is actually pretty summery. This wonderfully yucky piece by Dennis Kardon may be just about the most representational of the whole lot (possibly excepting Doug Hall's large-scale shot of Yellowstone's "Old Faithful" and and a bunch of acolytes), but the warmth and the sun shows through everywhere - until you get to the back room, where something closer to a zany angst takes over with David Kramer's group of self-referential works, including two videos, one sculpture and a couple of drawings.

For a look at one of the videos, "Ode to the artist," see YouTube.

David Kramer [installation view, including large detail of "Gallery Bench" and still from video, "The Horses Mouth"]

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Published on August 17, 2006 3:09 PM.

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