Gerald Davis at John Connelly

DavisGeraldET.jpg DavisGeraldGrandma.jpg

Gerald Davis E.T. and Grandma, 1986 2006 colored pencil on paper 50" x 38" (each drawing in diptych) [large details of the installation's two framed drawings - including ambient reflections]

Gerald Davis's show at John Connelly is breathtaking for both the simple beauty of the pencil drawings and and the richly personal images they describe. The dates in the title of each work refer to their autobiographical content, although even someone who is not part of Davis's own generation is immediately and totally drawn into his creative memory of the world which shaped the artist's passage into adolescence.

It's an awesome show in the most genuine sense of the word.

Gerald Davis The Rumor, 1986 2006 pencil on paper [installation view]

I thought a warning may be in order for The Rumor :).

I respectfully disagree, Mark, and I'll try to explain why with an excerpt from a post I did in May:

"I totally disagree with the idea that we have to warn people - anywhere - when human sexuality is addressed. Only in America would such a suggestion be met with anything but ridicule.

"I think "warnings" are particulary inappropriate where art is concerned. Nothing interesting ever happens when people encounter only what they expect.

"Is it necessary to point out that if you can find your way into an exhibition [or a website] you can find your way out?

"And I cannot accept the argument that it's for the sake of the children. Kids will only be traumatized if their parents make a scene.

"I would add that this country has already become far too "infantilized" if I didn't have so much respect for Les Enfants we think we are protecting to use that word. Let's just agree we do no service to people of any age by dumbing-down an entire culture."

We are the place in which a movie showing a man kissing a woman's naked breast is x rated but a movie that shows or suggests a man cut off a woman's breast get's an R rating.

I no longer have a T.V. but it seems like the worst most shocking ads were always for kids video games. I would be watching a college basketball game or something and then see guys with guns, blood everywhere or someone kicking another person's head off. What were these ads for-- Playstation or some other charming video game like grand theft auto.

:) I was trying to be humorous, warnings are a bore. I thought the show was very good however the vac was a little scary.

Sorry, Mark. I guess I missed the humor and took it seriously because, until I saw your comment, it had honestly never occurred to me that anything in the show was offensive; suddenly it seemed I had to confront the fact that not everyone would be so clueless as I was.

And I also have to admit that it hadn't occurred to me before that a warning, 'don't try this at home', might be in order. I wonder if they now include that warning on the appliance box, or would that be counterproductive?

while mark explains now that he actually thinks that "warnings are a bore", i believe that attaching the word WARNING to a work of art is provocative regardless of the art itself.

gerald davis' work is beautifully rendered and very thoughtful and i thank james for bringing the artist to my attention.

Speaking of thoughtful and vacuums, the CĂ©leste Boursier-Mougenot exhibit at Paula Cooper is fabulous.

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