Abbé Pierre, the excessive priest

"holy anger"

Abbé Pierre died yesterday. If there is such a thing as a "saint", this man clearly deserved the title, but he will never be canonized by the Church. Too excessive.

He wrote that as a young priest, he had sex with a woman, and further infuriated Roman Catholic authorities by advocating gay marriage.
Even Jeanne d'Arc, who finally made saint after waiting 600 years, had never talked that kind of nonsense.

This and (almost) everything else in this remarkable NYTimes obituary of a 20th-century St. Francis almost reads like pure invention; it describes the perfect French or even universal hero of the poor, the homeless, the disenfranchised. And there's recycling in there too!

ADDENDUM: In doing a little searching I've just discovered that l'Abbé was a good friend of this dangerous man.

[image of Jacques Nadeau from Le Devoir]

Does anybody know the source of the story of Abbe Pierre being responsbile for US bombers in WW2 returning to England with bombs not dropped because they saw a huge image of Abbie Pierre in the sky telling them to turn around and go home. The village/town they were to bomb had been in German hands but had been retaken by the allies. The villagers asked him to do something to stop the bombing. It is supposedly recorded in US war records.

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