"Material for the Making" at Elizabeth Dee

Mai Braun Your Emotions Make You a Monster 2006-2007 mixed media 15" x 72" x 66" [installation view]

Kerry Tribe Near Miss 2005 35mm color film with sound, transferred to DVD [still from video installation]

Jenny Moore has curated her first show as the new Director of Elizabeth Dee. It's titled "Material for the Making". Its quality is everything I would have expected from her, even if the installation includes nothing I could have expected - which is actually what I expected.

A handy press release, discussing both the show's concept and the individual works of four artists (Mai Braun, Kori Newkirk, Gail Thacker and Kerry Tribe), refers among other things to their illustration of the distance between the real and the represented. It's a show of visual art however, and everything manages to stand up almost on its own, most things needing only a gentle assist from the keys supplied in the text.

you find this interesting?...
lame, unfocused and arbitarary.
another attempt to contrive meaning in order to for the "curator to feel like an artist."
all of this work is student -like in it's underdevelopment.
way to much student art being proped up as real.
good luck.

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Published on January 10, 2007 11:51 PM.

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