Portia Munson at P.P.O.W.

Portia Munson Wish 2006 pigmented ink on rag paper 61.5" x 44" [detail of installation]

[very large detail]

Portia Munson Green 2007 found green plastic 40" x 200" x 180" approximately [detail of installation]

The show is called "Green", and it addresses the contemporary complexity of a word whose meaning has expanded beyond its traditional utility as just a name on the color scale.

The center of the larger room of Portia Munson's exhibition at P.P.O.W. is covered with a huge scary green "lawn" of found, manufactured objects related to each other only chromatically. On the surrounding walls, on an entirely different note, are hung gorgeous medium-sized ink prints of variously-colored kaleidoscopic layouts of flowers from Munson's own garden. There the only "manufactured" element is the artist's arrangement of the blossoms she placed below the scanner.

I have no idea whether the bee seen in the detail above arrived on the scene naturally or not, but he or she is now in the continuum of an ancient still life tradition.