Elisa Lendvay at Moti Hasson

Elisa Lendvay's dramatically-lighted sculpture, and (parts of) part of the opening-reception crowd [installation view of "untitled (Chalice)" and "Lund (Demystify)"]

[detail of "untitled (Chalice)"]

Elisa Lendvay Field Sky Under 2007 steel, wood, acrylic, wire, chenile stem, papier-maché, acrylic paint 64" x 48" x 27.5" [installation view, with "Overlook Mountain" visible on the wall]

Elisa Lendvay Patinkin 2007 found material, papier-maché, acrylic paint 26" x 6" x 6" [installation view, with small, unidentified work at the base of the plinth]

Elisa Lendvay Odilon 2007 wood, hydrocal, steel, rug, acryic paint 64" x 12" x 12" [large detail of installation, with "Ghost Stick" visible in the corner to the rear]

Elisa Lendvay opened "Fabled Agents", a show dominated by her sculpture, in the second space at Moti Hasson on the same night Dan Rushton's painting show, "Lonelier Than God", opened in the room on the street front. Both exhibitions were the artists' first solo shows in the gallery.

The two installations oddly complemented each other, even aside from the fact that they shared both a physical and conceptual removal from what is usually called an objective reality, and each approached that role in its own distinctive way. There was also a stimulating contrast in the medium each artist chose to exhibit here, but the pieces absolutely did share completely (and generally to their profit) in some very theatrical gallery lighting.

I love these odd pieces for their sensuality as much as for their cunning. They seem very much alive, and they've been sitting inside my head since I saw them at the opening two weeks ago. The show also includes several very beautiful small works on paper, and I'm told she works as a painter as well. Maybe we can see them next time.