Marjorie Schwarz and Ludwig Schwarz at Sunday

Ludwig Schwarz [large detail of "The Four Seasons (Season Premier)" installation of four works, each untitled 2006 oil and enamel on canvas 72" x 72"]

Marjorie Schwarz Untitled 2006 gouache on linoleum 12" x 12" [installation view]

Marjorie Schwarz Untitled 2006 gouache on digital print 8" x 10" [installation view]

I think this is a gallery to watch.

What am I saying?

Maybe I mean this is a gallery I'm gonna watch.

So maybe you don't have to.

Maybe I'll get back to you on this.

Meanwhile, demonstrating that no one should depend on this site for sufficient notice even of stuff I really like, I'm only now uploading a few images from a double show which closed three days ago at Clayton Sean Horton's SUNDAY gallery.

The paintings in the main space were by Ludwig Schwarz. Marjorie Schwarz showed drawings and collages in the project room.

SUNDAY is a neat and very welcome little space in the Lower East Side on Eldridge Street and I was excited about it even before learning that Jacques Louis Vidal has been asked to fill the main room in a show opening June 21. Vidal was in the show Barry and I curated last fall at Dam, Stuhltrager.

aargh.. i wanted to visit this gallery when i was in nyc last week, but never got that far. this show looks GOOD.


good for of the smartest artists in texas. he often contracts his paintings out to china. wonder if that's still the case? it's too bad he hasn't gotten more recognition over the years in other parts of the country.

i saw some of those china paintings in a box last year(?) at freight + volume. didn't like that... but he had a really good video.

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