last chance to support NURTUREart's benefit!

large detail of a fragment of a Byzantine floor mosaic (circa 500-550) with a representation of Ktisis, "a personification of generous donation or foundation", according to the plaque which accompanies this piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sharp viewer/readers will have noticed by now that an advert has appeared on my site for the first time, on the upper left corner of each page.

I thought that if I were ever to start this sort of thing, this would be the perfect time to break a five-year tradition of private publishing.

The spot is for NURTUREart's benefit tomorrow evening, and yes, Barry and I are being honored at the occasion. It's all a bit embarassing, and to mention it again would be even more embarrassing if the institution wasn't such a great cause.

There are still tickets available, starting at $75, and the event is conveniently located in the Chelsea gallery district (although I imagine many Williamsburgers will argue about the convenience of Chelsea).

Hope to see you there.

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Published on June 3, 2007 8:15 PM.

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