Williamsburg and Bushwick, my big sky country







I do think that until you've visited the high prairie you don't fully understand the term, "Big Sky Country". I've been to Montana several times, and I understand. But today I live in a Manhattan canyon, so I also understand how much of a difference even a slightly more low-rise neighborhood can make.

When you finally surface after a ride on the L to Williamsburg or beyond the world always looks very different, not least because of the huge importance the sky assumes when buildings are only two or three stories tall.

When I was very young most of the other kids pretended they could fly, but I just couldn't get very excited about a Superman cape. In the summer, if I wasn't on my bike, I would often lie on the lawn and imagine myself climbing through the clouds, especially when they looked as sturdy as these do.

These pictures were grabbed early in the evening yesterday after Barry and I emerged at the Morgan stop (which is really Bushwick) to make the opening at Pocket Utopia.

For those who might be wondering, the wavy line dangling from the top of the fourth picture is a loose telephone cable. I really liked its intervention there, and I would have tried to get it into focus, but I didn't want to make Barry wait while I dealt with it.

like those big skies!
c. sheeler might have too
have painted skies and wires

I get to see my own big sky country in texas. I need to start recording some sky of my own.