"Late Liberties" at John Connelly

Daniel Hesidence Untitled (1 7 7 9 /pedestrians) oil on canvas 96" x 84"

Alex Kwartler Untitled (Still Life) 2007 oil on canvas 24" x 21"

Carrie Moyer Dark Tonic 2007 acrylic, glitter on canvas 40" x 28"

John Connelly Presents some "late Liberties" this summer, a show of recent abstractions organized by artist and curator Augusto Arbizo in collaboration with Connelly himself. It's worth a trip, but this gallery always is. Again, only two days left. I don't have time to do more than put up a few images here, but I thought, better a picture or two than a late report with some words.

CORRECTION [of earlier correction]: the gallery will not be open this Saturday after all