"Laying Bricks" at Wallspace

Michael Wilkinson Wall 2005 acrylic on mirror, frame 59.25" x 49.25" [installation view, with Alice Könitz's "Double Take" and Nathan Hylden's "6.22.07" in the reflection]

Alice Könitz Banana-Peel-Rug 2007 acrylic felt 81" x 56" [installation view]

I was already a fan of the work of Richard Aldrich and Alice Könitz, but based on what I saw last Friday I'm now just as enthusiastic about Los Angeles-based Nathan Hylden and Glaswegian Michael WIlkinson, the other two artists in the elegant current installation at Wallspace, "Laying Bricks". Writer and critic Michael Ned Holte is the curator.

The show is a beauty, but it will be there for just two more days.