Scot Kaplan parks on West 24 Street

Scot Kaplan Artist's Park 2007 mixed media, dimensions potentially variable [installation view]


We can never have too much park - or too many artists - and an "artist's park" sounds like a good thing to me, even if it's smaller than a nightstand. I came upon this piece by Scot Kaplan on the south side of West 24 Street while bouncing from one gallery to the next two days ago. Maybe it's also some kind of homage to the Beuys basalt pieces two blocks south on 22 Street. The sod looks like it just got there, but I did spot a small piece of cellophane and one bird feather lying on the grass.

The galleryese verbiage in the caption below the photo is mostly my invention.

I really hope this thing's a permanent installation.

Thanks for noticing the piece.

This Thursday August 30, 2007 at 7:00pm Artist’s Park, a site-specific installation by Scot Kaplan, is being honored by a ribbon cutting ceremony marking the park's establishment and availability to the public. The event will be held at 534 West 24th street on the park grounds with refreshments served following the ceremony. All are welcome and encouraged to attend, although turns will have to be taken strolling the park’s grounds.

A video of the park's installation is soon to be posted, it features the artist and a brief cameo by the NYPD.



I undstand that Scott Kaplan would like to talk to me as the Parks Department rep fot Strret Trees in Manahattan and the art project referenced in this web site. I can be reached though the attached email or by calling my office at 212 408 0215