Jared Lindsay Clark with ADA at Scope

Jared Lindsay Clark Nursery Rhyme Proposal ceramic cow, easterbunny, ghosts, plastic Casper, epoxies

Jared Lindsay Clark Ballerina ceramic ballerina, ducks, pelican, trick-or-treater ghost, cupids, epoxies

I love these little pieces. Jared Lindsay Clark's small ceramic collage sculptures were a very special part of the booth of Richmond's ADA Gallery at Scope. I can't say enough however, no, literally, since the artist's site uses flash and the gallery's link to Clark just isn't working. But I did find this blog which seems to belong to Clark. It has some more views of these pieces, images of more work from this series, and a lot more stuff from the artist and his friends.

I love Richmond. I haven't been there in ages, but it's getting harder to stay away.

Nice work. ADA is a fun place with a good deal of interesting art, performances, and events.
I'm glad to see Richmond getting some love-- it deserves it.
You should go while it's still spring and before it gets too hot.