Dona Nelson at Thomas Erben

Dona Nelson Line Street 2007 acrylic and acrylic mediums on canvas 79" x 70"


Dona Nelson Hag's Song 2008 cheesecloth and acrylic mediums on canvas 30.25" x 20"

Dona Nelson No Title 1977 oil on canvas 24" x 40"

Dona Nelson My Home IV 2001 cheesecloth and acrylic mediums on canvas 90" x 60"

I'm thinking Dona Nelson's work is looking better and better, but I'm sure the reasons are simple: I'm seeing more and more of it and Thomas Erben is such a great curator. Like the last show he mounted for the artist this one is something of a closely-edited mini-retrospective. The current installation, "in situ: paintings 1973 - present", remains on 26th Street through May 31.

I liked the 1977 one best. A couple of years ago (?) I saw some large ones with circles and more geo to them, which i really liked.

The gestural, heavy textured thing looks less distinctive to me. But she's still a very interesting painter.