Ena Swansea with Andre Schlechtriem at Volta

Ena Swansea One 2007 color serigraph 39.5" x 29.5" [large detail]

Ena Swansea Three 2007 color serigraph 29.5" x 39.5" [large detail]

Andre Schlechtriem
showed some beautiful work by Ena Swansea at Volta. The oil and graphite paintings were very beautiful, but I think I was even more excited about the large-scale serigraph print portfolio, "4 Seasons".

Because of light problems inside the space at the fair I don't have a decent image of my own documenting any painting from the show. All of this gorgeous stuff has to be seen in person to be properly appreciated, but still I wanted to show a painting here too so I looked on line for a good copy of a work I found particularly interesting. Swansea's mammoth study, "Theory of Relativity", fills the bill very nicely, even if it is from a few years back and wasn't at Volta.

Ena Swansea Theory of Relativity 2004 oil and graphite on linen 120" x 98"

[third image from Saatchi]

I too am a fan of Swansea, and struggle to find ready jpegs on-line JW!

I have sympathy with your photo-coverage position at galleries and fairs as well. It's not like you're using them in ads or something. But if I could just add a further complaint about gallery websites bundling their jpegs of artist's works in Flash presentations - effectively preventing bloggers, such as myself, even making a link to their reproductions.

There are plenty of sites that prevent you 'saving-a-copy' - which is also pretty mean (at 72 dpi it's not like I could use it for much anyway) - but Flash presentations really prevent more precise use of the sites in this way, and seems not only counter to the spirit of the internet, but ultimately counter to their business of interesting the public in the work available.