did I say that?


Over six years ago, inspired by an earlier series of financial scandals dominated by those redolent names, "Enron", "Global Crossing", "Adelphia" and "WorldCom", I did a post which included this:

Now I know I shouldn't necessarily be gleeful at the possible or impending sudden disappearance of or depressive shift in the cycle of this "system", since it would mean havoc perhaps even exceeding the evil it does now. Moreover, as someone living on a fixed income produced by, no, not the sweat of my brow, but by years of borrrre-dom, I should have a selfish interest at stake. And in the end, we know the ones who will suffer regardless of how this all works out will not be the very rich. BUT, I will admit I'm absolutely fascinated by what's happening right now.*

Now that it's finally all come down around us all, I'm still fascinated; I'm just surprised it took so long.

And angry? I was already there.

I know what I meant, but I sure hope I'd be able to express it better today, at least on a good day.

[image from the band COLLAPSE]

ENRON spelled backwards is NORNE