Kate Gilmore at Smith-Stewart

Kate Gilmore Higher Horse 2008 single channel video [large detail still from installation video]

Kate Gilmore's current installation at Smith Stewart is even more gripping than I'd expected, and I've grown to expect a lot from this smart artist.

While you pass through the debris left over from one of the performances documented on the monitors inside the gallery, Gilmore can also be seen in three other recent videos, equally and typically engaging, and very physical. Her face is often obscured in her work, as it is here. But in these four pieces, dressed in high heels and skirts, Gilmore's costume at least is a star, neatly color-coordinated with some element of her artist-built sculptural props. In each case she is, as usual, totally involved in half-goofy challenges presented by her sets, but in the video installed furthest from the door, "Higher Horse", where she introduces two husky males armed with sledge hammers, she appears more as frightened, cornered prey than as the wild, ransacker encountered elsewhere in the room.

Gilmore's work, regularly evokes responses like horror, frustration, pity, anger, compassion, empathy, fear, love and admiration, and certainly bemusement, humor and delight. None of these appear alone, instead they're all tangled together in my experience of the pleasures of her art.

And I'm not alone.

Kate Gilmore Walk this Way 2008 single channel video [large detail still from installation video]

Kate Gilmore Between a Hard Place 2008 single channel video [large detail still from installation video]

Kate Gilmore Down the House 2008 single channel video [large detail from installation video]