Wooster door


The picture may be a bit colorless and slightly shaky, since there was almost no light off the corner of Wooster Street near Grand at 6:30 tonight, and no tripod in sight, but I still wanted to try to capture the mystery of this doorway. It's on the side of a building which has attracted (almost literally) tons of street art over the years.

I had heard some time ago that it was slated for demolition, but who knows what's going to happen to it now?

The image I got makes me think of one of those spooky shadow boxes crafted variously out of feathers, seeds, shells, hair and cut paper that were so popular with the Victorians. When I lived there I used to see them all over New England in shop windows and at barn and estate sales, preserved inside framed glass boxes or cabinets, but now I can't find a single pictorial relic of their weird vogue on line.