Jacques Vidal and Noel Anderson at the "Blood Drive"






Most of the art and the clinic equipment had been removed or pushed aside last Wednesday evening at Zach Feuer Gallery when Jacques Vidal and Noel Anderson began their performance in the now-darkened space of the show, "Blood Drive"; It was the end of the first day of a real two-day blood drive which the curator, the artist Kate Levant, had included as a part of the installation which was closing later that week.

The performance seemed to delight in its serious component of improvisation and it's unpredictability managed to briefly frighten both the audience and at least one of the players/creators. Its oddness, and its odd power, seemed to have come out of the artists' profoundly metaphysical understanding of love, friendship or community, so it wasn't unrelated to Levant's fundamental concept for the gallery show itself.

Vidal certainly hasn't lost his edge, and Anderson was clearly a match for him in what appears to be the artist's ongoing pursuit of a splendid new and perverse artistic form.