the ArtCat calendar is five years old today


Five years ago today Barry and I launched the first version of the ArtCat Calendar (then called ArtCal). It was an outgrowth of the messy lists I used to make on a lined pad (yeah, paper) and carry around the city. The process had become pretty unwieldy as the number of galleries grew. It was also impossible to share with others.

The original on line version did no more than keep track of shows and dates by neighborhood, but it was sophisticated enough to list Chelsea galleries by street and building number.

Some history:

* Images added: September 6, 2005
* RSS and iCal feeds added: December 12, 2005
* E-mail newsletter launched: March 30, 2006
* Newsletter reaches 1000 subscribers: March 13, 2007
* Redesigned: August 28, 2007
* Merged ArtCal and ArtCat: March 2009