HOMU under the Highline today


HOMU is out, and the director is in.

We've just received word that the continually enthralling, yet characteristically elusive HOMU booth will be out and about today, Tuesday, on West 20th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues, next to the entrance to the Highline Park), as the Director writes, "circa 1-4 PM".

These images were taken last Tuesday, when just before Barry and I had squeezed ourselves onto the little chairs in front of the "Director is [hanging square wood tile] in" sign mounted on the front of the portable booth. We were having so much fun, both constructive and unserious, that we hadn't realized a small crowd had gathered above and behind us. We've been enthusiastic members of the Museum for years, so we had no problem getting up and making room for new visitors.