Man Bartlett will be your parrot, if you can #24hEcho

Man reading Barry's Manchurian Candidate tweet

UPDATE: the artist speaks for himself

As I'm writing this Man Bartlett is in the third hour of his contribution to P.P.O.W. Gallery's Hostess Project, "#24hEcho".

The artist has vowed that for 24 hours he will repeat, into a webcam, whatever we tell him to. "I will be present in repeating your words. I will be your puppet, your sounding board, your refuge. Otherwise, I will be silent."

If you want to part of the performance go to Bartlett's website for further directions.

Barry and I were at the gallery at 7 o'clock tonight, just as he had arranged himself behind his computer, and the tweeting half of our partnership communicated this from his iPhone, an homage to a bit of the history we share:

William Powhida is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.

The artist will be present until 7 o'clock tomorrow night, and, as they used to say in the darker ages, the lines will be open throughout the night. Help keep the guy company, and see if you can inspire a conversation with strangers.