Momenta Art Benefit Wednesday: tickets still available


Barry and I went by Momenta Art last Thursday to preview the raffle and auction artworks available in their annual benefit Wednesday evening, May 26. We'll be there because we want to help a great institution. We're also going because we know we will be taking home a terrific piece, even though right now we have no idea right now what it will look like. Our confidence comes from the space's great curating of donated work, from our own experience in every previous year, and from seeing the entire selection of some 150 works first hand.

It's one of our favorite non-profit arts organizations in the New York area, and we have a number of great pieces in our own collection from earlier benefits. This artist-run non-profit space based in Williamsburg is absolutely as good as they come; they totally deserve and definitely can use our support.

I've put up images from their site of just a few of the over 150 raffle artworks; the next opportunity we'll have to see the entire assemblage (and put together an exciting list) will be at White Columns on West 13th Street beginning at noon on Wednesday. The event itself starts at six, with a performance you won't want to miss soon after that by Guy Richards Smit. Tickets are only $225, and as I'm writing this there it appears there are some still available. Please join us that night.

[images from Momenta]