NYPD occupies Liberty Park for 16 hours

the scary warning-light trailer parked on lower Broadway at the edge of Liberty Park almost says it all

I rushed downtown on Tuesday afternoon when I learned via Twitter that at around 3 o'clock the New York State Supreme Court was expected to announce its verdict on whether, or how, Occupy Wall Street would be able to resume its occupation of Liberty Park. It had been unliberated by the NYPD barely 12 hours earlier.

I needn't have hurried, for it was more than two hours later that the decision was finally announced. At about that same moment I was on my way back home in order to fulfill at least two obligations almost totally unrelated to what has absorbed almost all of my attention for more than two months.

In the interim I managed to snap these photographs. This is what democracy looks like, although there are also some sad representations of the police state we haven't yet quashed.

Meanwhile, today (Thursday) is going to be very big, all around the country.


Liberty Park inside out, "un-liberated" for approximately 16 hours

torture bracelets by the score

anybody see a terrorist around here?

he carried the pillow as a protective cushion (cops have rammed billy clubs into stomachs)

and copters too (I couldn't see the markings); three here, but I spotted six right away

National Lawyers Guild observer talking to the First Amendment

this is what America looks like, and the revolution will definitely be recorded

do it for your kids

echo of a noble historical moment

herald of an even more noble tomorrow

by the way, the Times story on the raid read like it'd been written by Commissioner Kelly

mic check announcement about the General Assembly that evening

the 99% is also composed of remarkable people like Danny

no argument here