the silence of the media

Some of our friends seem to think that the story about the White House betrayal of a CIA operative just broke in the media. There must be many more so mistaken, so take a look at this post in early July and this one, two weeks later. Both link to early reports in the press.

Knowing this to be the case, another appropriate question has to be asked, and I do. Why was the significance of this crime ignored until now? Well, the Republicans have been working very hard since Watergate and that subsequent little speed bump, Iran-Contra, and everyone else has been asleep, as we now know to our shame.

Besides, it's not about sex.

Well the fellow that broke the story, Robert Novak has said that it's not that significant,

Novak is hardly a disinterested party, especially if he ends up indicted for a crime, whether treason or otherwise. [And just imagine the fury of a Republican administration and a Right-wing press if it had been a Left-identified reporter who had violated the national security apparatus - regardless of the reporter's motive.]

No, I think this story is big, and I'm not alone.


reports that even the White House Press Secretary seems to have made "an implied threat to reporters about their legal responsibilities" with the story:

McCLELLAN: Do you have something to bring to our attention? I mean, let me make clear, if anyone has information about this leak of classified information, they need to report it to the Department of Justice -- anyone.


McCLELLAN: Well, do you have any information to bring to our attention, Paula? Do you have any information to bring to our attention? If you have any information, that should be reported to the Department of Justice, and they need to pursue this to the fullest.

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Published on September 30, 2003 11:04 AM.

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