PS1's "Greater New York 2005"

Christian Jankowski 16mm Mystery 2004 35mm film [video still in view of installation]

I waited a long time before checking out the "Greater New York 2005" show at PS1, but in taking in much of it on a relatively short visit this past Sunday I ended up thinking it was surprisingly good, and sometimes great fun. It was the weekend of July 4th, and there was almost no one else there, so I'm wondering how that might have effected my impressions. Well, it was relaxing, more like visiting a dusty museum in Calcutta than the vital loft-like spaces in which is installed the art we are told best represents our own anxious time and space.

Sure, we're seasoned veterans, so there weren't too many surprises, but even artists with whom Barry and I were pretty familiar generally showed unfamiliar work. That was what the curators had wanted, and most of the invitees seemed to have gotten that part down pat.

After hearing so many friends in addition to ourselves admit that they hadn't made the trip out to Queens (and not just because even now there are still almost three months left to see the stuff), it turned out to be much more interesting than either of us had been led, or had led ourselves, to expect.

We'll be going back soon to catch what we missed the first time around.