The New York Art Book Fair

Joshua Smith's Book Fair posters, seen on a wall near the entrance

It's way more fun than a regular art fair, and you get to decide for yourself what to look at and how much looking you want to do. We previewed Printed Matter's The New York Art Book Fair last night (Thursday) and we can higly recommend the experience (available only through Sunday) to anyone interested in art and in the kind of people who write, edit, publish or just enthuse about art books. It's a very mellow and happy crowd. There are events scheduled all day long. I promise you will be amused.

For more teasers, see Art Fag City.

J. Morrison's installation on the second, or what I called the big kid's floor, where he and his friends silkscreen "manpurses" to order

Jan De Cock's installation on the first floor featured his sculpture, lab attendants, and viewing copies of "Denkmal", the second volume of his 21st-century evocation of Diderot's "Encyclop├ędie."

inside the book

Barry Hoggard, A. L. Steiner, Nicole Eisenman and Victoria Robinson (woman in background unidentified), speaking of Ridykeulousness

paging through "Ninja", Brian Chippendale's new book, at Picture Box

a double-page spread inside Martin Parr's 2006 book, "Mexico", located at D.A.P.

Entrance to the Fair is free, and the logistics are:


548 West 22nd Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues) New York City

HOURS remaining
Saturday 11am - 7pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

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