Matthew Lutz-Kinoy at Cooper Union





Since I've already been writing about Matthew Lutz-Kinoy's art for over two years, it's very difficult to believe these images of his work are taken from his Cooper Union BFA show for a degree just completed only this spring. I can't imagine what he's going to be able to do by the time he reaches 30.

The first picture captures one of the last moments of his sweetly weird performance piece, "Free Movement In The Shadow Of The Staircase: Bodiless Rainbowdance", mounted in the school's Great Hall on April 5. The others are of some of the many works, drawings, collages, photographs and sculptures, installed in the galleries of the Lublin Center last week. These particular images are of two medium-sized collages and four small sculptures on a shelf. None of them were identified, nor did they really have to be.