Rhizome throws a party

drawing by Brian Degraw, artist and Gang Gang Dance member, for an album by TK Webb

Remember these guys? I did I post almost two years ago about a show of internet-based art, hosted by Rhizome, installed in the New Museum's temporary quarters on 22nd Street. Rhizome is a young community of new media artists, curators, critics and enthusiasts, and they're hosting a very interesting and almost totally affordable benefit next monday night.

This very special occasion, for which non-members will be asked to put up $35, is actually a concert featuring what the invitation describes as three genre-bending bands: Gang Gang Dance, Professor Murder and YACHT. Here's more:

Each band integrates a wide range of musical influences and instrumentation to create innovative sounds and style. This line-up of new music will celebrate Rhizome’s commitment to emerging forms of art, across sound, video and digital technologies. The evening will be introduced and mc-ed by computer artist Cory Arcangel [Cory Arcangel, folks!], and will also include a silent auction with work by artists, such as Kristin Lucas and Alex Galloway, who work with the Internet.
Full disclosure: Barry and I are on the Honorary Committee, but that just shows we're even more enthusiastic about this thing than we can possibly let on.

You may head here for all the details on the concert.

[image from thesimplemission]