Frankie Martin at CANADA

Frankie Martin the (rainbow) stinker 2006 fabric and acrylic paint 82" x 50" [detail from installation]

[installation view]

I visited "in your dreamz", Frankie Martin's first solo show at CANADA twice, a luxury I unfortunately don't allow myself often. I liked it the first time; I loved it the second.

I can't remember the last time I saw a tie-dyed painting.

Martin has always had tons of fun with her art, and fortunately she lets us all in on it. This show was no exception, especially as it involved madly-conceived, energetically-executed and weirdly-disposed drawings, videos, music, installations, sculptures, assemblages and, well, . . . painting. The two large paintings on the west wall of the gallery stuck out, mostly because they were just so darn beautiful. And then I noticed the tie-dyed fabrics, the sparkle dust and the subject matter itself, and I was transported back into the cool wit embodied in the ambience created by the rest of the show.