Guantanamo: is there no limit to the obscenities?

a view of the camp we've known about for six years, not the secret one


We learn tonight that the regime in Washington has been maintaining a separate concentrated concentration camp totally hidden inside the Guantanamo camp we already knew about, a concentration camp which had already been created and maintained, with the explicit or tacit support and approval of members of both parties, outside of any legal system existing anywhere on the planet.

Even now, a year and a half after the last Congressional election, the Democratic majority hasn't been able to bring itself to talk about even the original camp. Please tell me once gain about the genius of the vaunted two-party system which is supposed to promote liberty and justice for all.

[image by Carlotta Gall and Andy Worthington from the NYTimes]

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Published on February 7, 2008 1:44 AM.

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