Jose Freire curates Mary Boone


"I Love My Scene: Scene 1" [detail of installation]

Mary Boone has asked Jose Freire of Team to curate a series of three shows at her uptown gallery. The idiosyncrasies of the first installment "I Love My Scene" promise a continuing, very personal tour inside a very active mind. In any event, the promise alone brought us into an uptown space for the first time in months.

The first installation closes Saturday and includes a surprising group of works by Lothar Hempel [in forground above], Keith Sonnier [in middle distance], Weegee [on wall], Cecil Beaton, Pablo Bronstein and Banks Violette.

Hi, I found you through Barry's site. I was just sharing with him that there's kind of a neat page about Lothar Hempel at the Saatchi Gallery, too. :)
(He already saw the one about Pablo Bronstein.) Some good background info for anyone who's interested.