Anton Kern celebrates 10 years with an "Implosion"

Jim Lambie Untitled 2006 shirt collar, spray paint, concrete, mirrored pedestal 49" x 13" x 13" [large detai of installation]

Wilhelm Sasnal DEKADY 2005 ink on paper 16.5" x 11.75" [installation view]

Sergej Jensen Kriftler 2002 velvet, paint on cotton 59" x 51.25" [detail]

Matt Mullican Live Under Hypnosis 2006 mixed media + DVD variable dimensions [large detail of installation]

For the rest of this week those who haven't over the years been visiting the shows mounted at Anton Kern, one of New York's least predictable and most idiosyncratic galleries, have a chance to see what they've missed. The show still installed in the gallery's rooms on West 20th Street ended officially July 28, but it will not be struck until next week.

"Implosion" is the Kern's tenth anniversary show, and while it might seem a cool and very modest tribute to the artists and to the gallery itself, coming as it does in the middle of the New York Summer doldrums, don't be fooled. The work is first-rate and, typically, it seems to owe almost nothing to the competition in the neighborhood.