Armory week

Thomas Hirschhorn Tool Table 2007 2 wood planks: 98.5" x 118" each; 12 trestles: 39.25" x 31.5" x 31.5" each; total of all elements: 236.25" x 98.5" x 39.25" [detail of installation]

I haven't had a chance yet to post anything about Armory or any of the other New York art fairs which are distracting so many of us this week. But I did want to give some indication that life goes on somewhere behind this site, and I thought my detail shot of Thomas Hirschhorn's installation in the Armory stall of Berlin's Arndt & Partner might be an appropriate comment with which to start. Maybe you have to have been there, but the awesome ambivalence of Erasmus's essay, Hirschhorn's reference, and my own use of both here works for me.

I once had a crush on Erasmus (there was a lot to like, and I thought he was hot), so I read the whole darn thing in Catholic prep school.