Ian Pedigo at Klaus von Nichtssagend

Ian Pedigo Summit Associates 2008 newsprint, calendar pages 42" x 50.5" [installation view]

Ian Pedigo Already No Longer the Same 2008 wood, laminate, tape, paint, PVC sheet 11.5" x 25.5" x 37" [installation view]

Ian Pedigo Saying it was Disproportionate 2008 wood, magazine clipping, tape, vinyl poster, permanent marker 42.5" x 63.5" [installation view]

Ian Pedigo in "Titanium Pro" at Klaus von Nichtssagend

me: "Damn that Ian Pedigo!" (shakes fist in air)
my wife: "Who is Ian Pedigo?"
me:"My arch nemesis who kicks my ass with every brilliant move!"
my wife:"Oh,um..."
me:"I will get you Ian Pedigo!" (laughs evil-like)

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Published on March 27, 2008 12:41 AM.

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