Michael Mahalchick here and there


I have little idea what this is about, but it's the piece I remember best from all the work I saw in a very interesting show of sculpture, "Without Walls", at Museum 52. I don't know if it tells us anything about the artist himself; maybe Michael just found this stack somewhere on the street, with or without the needle lying on top, and decided to mark it with his signature. And then maybe not.

For me the important thing is that I'm preternaturally attracted to it, and would be even if Roman Ragazzi were not staring up from the floor. It also reminds me of the happy happenstance that Mahalchick has another solo show opening at CANADA on Friday, titled, "For What It's Worth".

You can find an article on Michael Mahalchick who participate to the exhibition Canada at the Bernard Ceysson exhibition in Paris on http://blog.paris3e.fr/post/2011/04/05/La-galerie-Bernard-Ceysson-invite-la-galerie-Canada