Jenny Scobel at Thomas Erben

Jenny Scobel Flutter in the Room 2004 graphite, watercolor, oil and wax 32" x 24"

Friends already know I really like Jenny Scobel's work, but the current show at Thomas Erben has the best stuff I've seen yet. These two may be my favorites. I'll also admit that the backdrops are so exciting they make me shudder.

This is the first time we've seen a male image in her iconography, and the faces are usually anonymous. Scobel's brother Quentin died of AIDS in 1996.

Jenny Scobel Quent 2004 graphite, oil and wax on prepared wooden panel 32" x 24"

[images from Thomas Erben Gallery]

James, buddy, you're a gay man. Those are vaginas in the background of the top painting. And they make you shudder? ;-)

"you're a gay man" So how am I supposed to know what a vagina looks like?

Actually I should admit that most of the time I miss recognizing an artist's representation even when it's of a phallus, and I do have experience there.

I guarandamntee you that we'll see plenty of phalluses at Armory/Scope!

This is also my beloved brother as I am Jenny's sister. Is this painting for sale? Quentin was such an honorable man..

Cristia, I have no idea where the painting is now, but you should ask Thomas Erben.