Cheryl Donegan at Oliver Kamm 5BE

Cheryl Donegan The Hard Night 2007 water-based oil on cardboard 20" x 16"

Cheryl Donegan Greatness is 1/3 2007 water-based oil on cardboard 24" x 18"

Cheryl Donegan Luxury Dust (Gold) 2007 gold tape on cardboard 25" x 18"

Oliver Kamm opened his fall lineup of shows with "Luxury Dust", an exhibition of paintings by Cheryl Donegan.

I was really looking forward to this show, and I loved it. [sorry for the brevity, but I'm going to try to be very economical with my time and texts for a while if I'm to even begin posting as many images as I would like during the current frenzy of openings, especially since even on the busiest weekend of the art year I still can't keep from doing angry political posts]

hi Cheryl, it's so difficult to get an idea of your painting whith those reproductions! I whish i could see it one day!